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Fabric Madness


I am on a mission to create a costume for this dance class I’m taking. Think Little Red Riding Hood plus sequins. Lots of sequins…

Somehow, when I walked through the doors of Fabricland, it didn’t occur to me that Canada’s largest fabric store would follow suit with the rest of retail and have a massive sale.


I didn’t know it would be like that…

I even got there when the doors opened…

IMG_0254Few words of advice:

1. Bring water.

2. Leave your jacket in the car. A crowded store full of fabric equals dry sauna death sweats. It’s not worth it.

3. Prepare to wait in long lines. There are only so many cutting tables at Fabricland and during a sale, people are stocking up for a year’s worth of sewing projects. The ladies at those tables are pretty pro at what they do. On the plus side, everyone was really patient and friendly, chatting away about what they plan to make and encouraging one another in their future endeavours.


4. Explore! I don’t know the first thing about fabric, so stumbling upon all of these cool textiles really inspired me. I almost bought a sewing machine afterward, thinking I could be as cool as Jenny Humphrey, the teenage prodigy fashion designer from Gossip Girl.

IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_02625. Consider bringing a burly friend. Holding onto a bolt of fabric + purse + camera + jacket proved tiring. Bribe them with an Iced Capp from Timmies (trust me, they’ll need it in the fabric desert.)IMG_0264Oh Fabricland, oh Fabricland how lovely are thy fabrics…

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