Honeymooning Calgary

Honeymooning Calgary | krussellYYC blog

I have always liked Calgary, but my love affair with this city started a few summers ago and I am still honeymooning. While studying part-time, and working full-time, the idea of a sparkling summer get-away was not on the agenda. That’s when I learned that staycations were a thing. I realized that many people live their whole lives in a city and forget to do the touristy stuff. I picked up every local newspare/magazine I could get my hands on: Swerve, FFWD, BeatRoute, Avenue, Stephen…etc. and perused the pages. I discovered a bounty of events and activities I did not know about.

My favourite example of an event is Market Collective. I took a little time to be curious and read a poster on a wall one day several years ago. The market ended up exceeding my expectations and introducing me to a side of Calgary that I had not seen before.

We all know someone (hey, maybe it’s you), who says the “Ugh. There’s nothing to do here, I’m so bored” thing. The thing you need to know about loving Calgary is that you have to meet this city halfway. Relationships take work. By becoming active in the discovery of its culture, you contribute to making it even better.

Take the time to be a little curious. Look into Calgary’s eyes and say, “I love you.”

Now was that so hard?

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